The app that guides you in the places of Modigliani

An immersive tool to learn about the life of Amedeo Modigliani through his hometown.


An interactive guide on your smartphone


Explore the city and find hidden places and secret objects

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Modigliani and Livorno

In Livorno many places speak of Modigliani, showing the importance of this city in the artist’s life.
The Modigliani Livorno app is an innovative and interactive digital tool, a guide on your smartphone that takes you on a journey of discovery of the places of Livorno that are significant to the life of Modigliani.
On the map are visible only a few places, to find out the others the user is invited to go on their search, walking around the city. Each uncovered place will tell something more about the artist.
But it didn’t end there. The app is also a game and the challenge is not only to reach all the places of Modigliani, but also to find hidden objects connected to the artist.
Not only curiosity and insights but also an engaging and fun approach.


Learn more about Modigliani’s life and career

Punti di Interesse

Reach the places visible on the map

Esplora la città

Explore the city to find hidden places

Modigliani App Livorno Features
Testo Storia

A text will tell you more about the story of Modigliani in Livorno


Solve clues to find hidden objects

Luoghi Nascosti

Find all hidden places and objects to climb the leaderboard

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