Life and career

Blub – Jeanne Hebuterne in a large hat


Blub, a mysterious Florentine street artist, is present with his works in many cities, even Livorno. With his artistic operations he sends a message: “art can swim”. He put underwater, with mask and snorkel, famous icons such as historical figures and above all characters related to art. Among the most famous, Garibaldi, Dante, the Venus of Botticelli and the Girl with a pearl earring of Vermeer. His aim is to show, in a funny and poetic way, how art is able to resist and adapt itself to the passing time. Art learns to swim, seeks new horizons and prospectives.

In Livorno he arrived thanks to the Open Wall Festival, organized by Uovo alla Pop Gallery and left some works starring the women of Amedeo Modigliani. Here is portrayed Jeanne Hébuterne, the women who Modigliani loved until his death and with whom he had his daughter. She was a painter too, they met at Colarossi Academy, and she was portrayed many times by the artist.
Their love is famous for its intensity, in fact she couldn’t live without him and she killed herself the day after his beloved’s death.