Life and career

Why Livorno?


Amedeo Modigliani moved to Paris in 1906. Except for two short stays, each of a few months in 1909 and 1913, he will not return to Livorno. Premature death will prevent him from doing so.
Livorno is essential to understand Modigliani, not only because he was born here but also because certain aspects of his life cannot be understood without taking into consideration episodes, places and characters of his childhood and youth in Livorno.In Livorno he developed his culture and his interests. Here his passion for art began, starting to study and outline his approach to art and his baggage of references and models.

Knowing Modigliani in relation to his hometown is also of great importance not to limit to the legend that involved this artist, not to see him only as a damned artist, drunk and drugged, pathetic and self-destructive, as well as many biographies, films and books represented him right after his death.

Through some places in Livorno we will retrace the fundamental stages of his life and delve into some aspects little or nothing known. We will focus on episodes or characters central to his training and highlight how Livorno is important to fully understand this great artist.